alana goyal

hi there 👋🏼 i'm alana goyal, the founder & managing partner of basecase capital, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on the next generation of enterprise software. i started basecase while working as a product manager at samsara out of a burning desire to spend more time with earlier stage founders. after 9 months of late nights & long weekends spent meeting entrepreneurs, making investments, and working with an incredible portfolio, i made the leap to full time.

during my time in college, i worked at greylock to learn how to identify and build great enterprise companies, general catalyst's rough draft ventures to invest in the next generation of student founders, and sequoia capital's scout program to provide students with the resources and networks to start companies.

during my summers, i worked on the research and development team at natera, helped build the self-service product at appdynamics, and launched the home equity platform at blend.

in my spare time, you'll find me walking around soma or fidi with husband ankur, eating sushi at my favorite restaurant, or being a wine snob.